Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Projects in Painting - Update #4

I think, I'm finished. yes, I have finalized the squirrel painting by now too.
And that also six weeks ahead of the date I need it for (an exhibition show in my village with other artists).

Here now the photos of the last touches:

that's the stage it was in when I had written the last update

Some more brown color on the squirrel.

=)) - I found a way to make the "fur" stick out more noticeable!

Some more very tiny details and changes to fur and coloring - hardly to be seen on this small photo.
And now - viola - the final photo of the squirrel hanging on my wall:

=)) Thank you once more Jasbir for your great photo for me to paint.

In backward chronological order:
Part 2 Part 1 Part 0 Start

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