Monday, September 3, 2012

The Flight of the Swallows

We have swallows here in our village. They live mainly at the portal to the church and brewery, former a monastery, first mentioned in 1100A.D. or so.

Here some photos I took this summer of them:and their nests:

And a video in the early morning as I was walking to work. They were all swarming out for food and the first flights of the young ones to strengthen their wings:

And today, they were all here at my house, half way up the hill, but flying very, very low:

They flew for another hour or so this low. Then they moved a bit higher into the air and lower down into the valley - circling big Linden tree and the church tower.

Soon, they will all fly South for the Winter time they are expecting. I can already see them collecting en masse on wires.

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