Monday, August 21, 2017

Red Gooseberry Jam 2017

Spring and mainly Summer are the times in the year when fruits are ripe.
This year (2017) has an abundance of fruit in my tiny garden.

It started of with wild strawberries in Spring.
Wild strawberries; growing like weeds in any open spot in my garden.

Tiny and very yummy.

For 2 weeks I could pick a handful DAILY!.

Then the raspberries: enough to make a fruit cake - if I had not eaten them all like they are.
Raspberries. Once picked the stem they grew on withers. New ones grow from the ground - thus replenishing all the time during growing season and ready for next year's harvest.
One of the many daily bowls full of raspberries.
This lasted for about a month.

Now, by the end of July, the red gooseberries are ripe. This time though I picked them all in one day:
The red gooseberries; very many this year. The bush in this large pot is about 10 years old now (about 7 of those I had it); berries on it every year in varying amount.
One side picked, many still on the bush
Bowl full, still lots on the bush

The first 500 grams -

and another 500+ grams.
Being this many I finally had enough fruits at once that I could make a jam. 
Cooking up the jam (all of the fruits in one pot)

Prepared twist-sealed lid glasses
Jam is ready!! Upside down for sealing and cooling.
Now I can eat red gooseberries all Winter. 😁

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Fireworks to Start 2017

new year = new post

Two short impressions of the fireworks from home to start the new 2017.

Happy New Year 2017