Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 and Happy New Year 2014

I haven't posted much toward the end of the year here. I was busy; who wasn't? :P
Guess, it's a time for a resume.
Mostly I was busy all year writing stories for an anthology series called Theme-Thology on G+.

We, as a team, even managed to get a book out this year. More had been planned, but this got delayed.
So, I am now looking forward to get those stories published with the others in their respective anthologies -
or, if it gets cancelled, will try to publish them on my own in the coming year.

Another story of mine will come out at the start of 2014 in another starting anthology series:
NovoPulp. This one will be a print magazine/book. I have not only contributed my story Journey to this,
but also helped a lot to get the project rolling and along to the finish line. What we did get done before teh end of the year is get some fan articles out.

I want to thank all of the others in those two projects for working together to get our "dreams" into reality.

What I did neglect a bit is the painting and drawing. I hope to get the two birds, I started at the beginning of this year, finally done - and do more of those kind of paintings during the year.

I did manage to regularly take photos - and take part in diverse challenges and communities about photography on G+: Scavenger hunts and Treasure hunts to name some. Not all of those photos are public though; they are not always the best to show. I did join a new photo site too. Viewbug -- with contests. Mine never will win against all those amazing photos, but it's sure nice to get recognition from total strangers on your little works.

And I did a lot of handicraft too: crocheting, knitting and sewing (which is also my work).

So, the coming year, switching from writing, painting, photographing and creating things with my hands, I just hope to have enough time to relax and rest and recover new strength for all my little projects. Oh, and to learn new things as well Coursera and Udacity are great online places to learn in your own speed most of the time - and with people from all over the world.

And keep up with reporting about my activities, of course. If not, be assured, I will have fun and laughter and happiness anyway.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014.

Yes, I remember Mr Rabbit and his visit to me at the beginning of this year - and I really enjoyed taking those photos with him. 

Be happy, don't worry and keep the Love in your hearts.