Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

Slowly, Summer is ending. It is not so hot anymore. The days are shorter. The trees are starting to loose their leaves. It does rain, but not continuously. 
So, what to do on a warm, dry Sunday afternoon? I went for a walk in the wood close to home. And moved  a little off the main path, following small trails. Maybe, they are actual hiking trails, maybe they are trodden paths by animals. I did not walk through the woods wild. And was very careful not to destroy the flora in the wood that already is suffering from the drought.
Let me show you some impressions of this walk:

Just a fancy tree trump with stones by the wide path.
This is where I left the normal path
and went down a steep slope.
Can you see the trail leading down??

The trail was there before the trees fell on it.
But it still seems to be used - by animals.

My "purpose" for going off-path was to check on a few big rocks I had seen from above. I found caves. If I were a rabbit - they sure would be nice for a hiding or resting place.
already filled with grass for sleeping =)
another hole in the ground close by

These two small caves were below these rock walls:
rock wall - one of many there
smaller wall 

And then let's walk along those rock walls. There is a rustle in the leaves. Ah, a rabbit just hopped up this tiny canyon:
It's just about a 3m climb - but not easy at all!
Smiling, not attempting to follow this rabbit, we follow the trails close the rock foot and hear water gurgling and splashing. There must a creek close by!! 
Found the creek, not much water, but lot of noise!
A small water fall a bit up the creek,
half a meter is enough.

Following the creek uphill to see were the spring is, the water stopped before we reach the edge of the ravine it flows in.

By now the walk has taken about an hour - time for a small rest before we leave the animal trails and go back to an official hiking path:
Take a rest and enjoy the wood, the birds, the wind in the trees. 
And then continue on the hiking path.

Until we reach the spring, the path leads to spring:
Very, very little water in this shallow spring. The drought is showing here.
The drought caused by very little snow and and rain in Winter and Spring time.
Walking back on the main paths now, The sound of running water suddenly is gone. The drought has made the small creek vanish in some places, to appear again a bit later. With some fish caught in the small ponds left. Hopefully it rains soon , so they can swim back to more water.

In very early Spring this small wood part
has been partially flooded - now it's all dry
and the stones in the creek overgrown.
A small pond with a fish, swimming
hectic up and dow

Fresh water coming out from under a  tree,
to flow into the creek.

Another dry part.

Finally another small bank to rest on and enjoy the scenery and atmosphere under the old pear tree before we walk back home. Passing a sole violet still flowering and some ferns. I hope, you enjoyed this walk with me. 

Let's take another short rest and go back the trails in memory.
A lonely Violet,
one last flower in the sparse sunlight on the ground
Ferns grow in the shade of the big trees.

For more impressions of rocks and wood, and creek you can go to my album for that day: 

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