Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Projects in Painting - Update #3

So, now that two of the three paintings in this "project" are finished, I have all the time just for the third.


Here an overview of the development of it. The first two pictures are when I was still working on all three of the paintings.
Just the outlines in pencil. 
Some black for the eye and back added.
Adding a background first, but leaving the tree stump and squirrel free of paint.

Since then I have done more to this painting. But slowly, with enough time for the color to dry between layers.

The basic color for the tree stump.
Some more details on the tree stump - with shadows.
Adding the basic color for the squirrel - the eye was moved a bit more the the snout too.
To actually paint the squirrel took me a week of hesitating. And I'm still not quite sure on how to get the fur "realistic" enough. This is the hardest part to figure out. A learning experience - and hopefully one that I can apply to that cat face painting I want to do since April.

Long way to go - and still having fun!!

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