Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Projects in Painting - quick update

Two days ago I posted about New Projects in Painting.

Since then I have done a bit on them - not much really.

For the spider painting I decided to go a different route this time:
First I painted the background - not as black as in the photo, but still rather dark. 
The next day, after the paint was thoroughly dry, I added the rough outlines of the spider (looks like a children's drawing of a spider right now). 
And today, as the white was dry too, added a few red spots where the joints are (the spider has been photographed from the underside - I hope to get that into my painting well enough).

While the paint dried I started with the bird.
Here, after sketching the outlines and main color areas, I started with some bright blue and yellow to the main areas.

Having some free time today - and again waiting until the paint is dry before adding some more, touching and overlapping the already existing spots - I outlined the sleeping  squirrel on the tree stump.

Assuming that I have time for painting every day and not distract myself too much with playing around on the computer and internet (besides writing, household and out-of-home-work, reading my long list of books) I feel confident in getting all three of them done in my set time frame. 

I'll keep you updated!!