Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tree Hugging - Bonsai Experiment - Update

In Tree Hugging - Bonsai Experiment I wrote about a wild growing little tree that I replanted into a bonsai pot.

Well, it didn't like it much and although it grew a bit, it also threw off the bottom sprouting leaves rather fast.
Then, about a month ago, the two big leaves started to turn yellow and eventually fell off too.

The two smaller leaves did develop a little bit, growing to about the double of the size as when I transplanted the tree.

By now they have fallen off too. A few days ago I took the little tree inside as it eventually turned out to be a very hot summer finally here too.

Here a photo of it just before I took it inside:
The little tree still has a green bud at it's top - ready for next year's Spring?!
I'm taking good care of it inside - not too much water or sun through the window now. I will keep you updated, maybe the new leaf comes out sooner than outside. 
Or the roots have been damaged to much by the transplant - and it will stop growing. Which will be the end of this experiment. 
Future will tell.


  1. Hi! Have you ever paid attention, has your writting level upgraded so far?

    1. BrandonHarris
      I have not paid attention to it. And I don't blog to further my writing abilities as such. It might happen or not. My main aim in the blog is the contents, not the style of writing.