Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tree Hugging - Bonsai Experiment - Update

In Tree Hugging - Bonsai Experiment I wrote about a wild growing little tree that I replanted into a bonsai pot.

Well, it didn't like it much and although it grew a bit, it also threw off the bottom sprouting leaves rather fast.
Then, about a month ago, the two big leaves started to turn yellow and eventually fell off too.

The two smaller leaves did develop a little bit, growing to about the double of the size as when I transplanted the tree.

By now they have fallen off too. A few days ago I took the little tree inside as it eventually turned out to be a very hot summer finally here too.

Here a photo of it just before I took it inside:
The little tree still has a green bud at it's top - ready for next year's Spring?!
I'm taking good care of it inside - not too much water or sun through the window now. I will keep you updated, maybe the new leaf comes out sooner than outside. 
Or the roots have been damaged to much by the transplant - and it will stop growing. Which will be the end of this experiment. 
Future will tell.