Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tree Hugging - Bonsai experiment

Yes, I admit, I like trees.
And sometimes I do hug them.

Today I found one growing beside a bush that is living in big pot (about 50l).
Well, for a tree that is a bad place to grow. Eventually it would destroy the bush.

So, it had to come out. It had just sprouted. Two big leaves and two more tiny ones starting. 
The soil was soft and loose. I could easily pull it out.
But now - where to relocate that tiny tree??

My garden is not that big that it could support a (another) tree. 
Finally, I decided to give it a chance as a Bonsai tree. 
Already had one many years ago from a lemon seed. 
It grew eventually (after about ten years) to a 1 meter big tree. 
Too big for a Bonsai - and a indoor window sill pot. 
I gave it away to someone with a winter-garden. 
Don't know what happened to it from  then on. 

So, here it is!! The start of my new Bonsai "experiment"!!

Another thing I will update!! 
As to the heart shaped pot: 
I had gotten it last year with seeds for a Bonsai - but they never sprouted.