Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Low water in the little creek - update!!


We did have a bit of rain in the last weeks. It seemed to have filled the creek a little. What a shock for me to see it after the first hot weekend.

So little water - even lower than before; even the water held back ona short stretch for the ducks and wild geese is very, very low. And lots of algae in it too - due to lowing slower and warmer water - heated by the sun faster.

Here some photos I took yesterday (the ones with the blurry foreground I made through the window of the train - luckily it dove a bit slower than last time):
(you can compare them with the one of the first post: Low water in the little creek! )

Last time I saw it before the weekend only three steps were outside the water!!

The ducks and geese have left this place -- water is too low for a good dive!!

The black and white dot on the newly surfaced sandbank is a resting duck; maybe even the duck I had seen at the bridge on the first photo a few weeks ago!!

Yes, those stones are usually underwater!!

I'll keep watching this. And again - when asking persons living here the response is always: "All is OK!"

BUT - it's only beginning of May and not end of HOT July!!!

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