Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Low water in the little creek!!

Here some photos of the low water levels of the creek:

First ones from 5th MAY 2011:

Then we had a wet summer and the water level rose back to "normal, which is about half way up the dry part. The creek bed in the upper photo was dug out shortly after I had taken the photos too.

These two are from 4th February 2012:
Lots of water in this photo (and not only because of the dug out during the previous Spring)
Lots of water upstream too; this is the normal level of water.

Now, we have April!! Snow melt and Spring rain filled the creek)

"Ducky" swimming over the dug out part of the creek; 2ndApril!
"Ducky" on the 10th April; water again a bit lower.                       

Upstream side of the bridge; hens picking in the dry soil; 17th April

Usually the water is right up the the stones!! And if you compare this photo with the one from May last year you an see that the water level is already below the one from then!!
17th April 2012. Notice the gap between the plants /soil edge and the water?? In the February photos the plants were level with the water (ice building on the edge)
Further downstream I can see the water levels being even lower. I'm passing the creek nearly every day with the train. I took a few photos of the low level. They turned out all blurry due to the train being so fast! *lol*
Best ones:
See how the high waters of last summer washed out the creek bank?? And now it's even lower than the normal level; noticeable at the bottom of the wash-out being horizontal visible - that is already the creek bed!!

With normal water levels these stones are half submerged. High "tide" (flooding after heavy rain) last summer made the water go beyond the creek bank right into the grass and fields beyond.
And it still hasn't rained much and we are having cooler than "normal" for this time of year. 
Still, if asking the people on the street they say it's all normal and OK. They like the dry weather, the water low in the creek -- oh, no, not really (without actually looking at the creek) or they accuse the fish ponds up stream to keep all the water back.
But that has been done in the last years too! And the "fish farmers" complain about not having enough fresh and fast running water through their ponds, the land farmers complain about it being too dry too - the plants are "thirsty" and not thriving well; as if it was a hot summer (like in middle of June or July and close to harvest time).
But, yes, all is normal ^^;;

I'm keeping a watch on this.

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