Monday, April 16, 2012

An Instance of Feeling of Timelessness

Have you every had the feeling that something is wrong and it takes you a while (one that seems to be ages but is only seconds or even nanoseconds) to realize what it is? As if time either stood still or that there was no time at all. An instance of timelessness.

Well, today I had such an instance.
At work we have this "Senseo" coffee machine as shown above (but in blue). 
I felt like having a hot cup of decaffeinated coffee (can't make green tea with that machine :( ).
So I did all the routine things you need to get that one cup of coffee done.
While it would heat up the water I went away and did some work.
A few minutes later (I know the approximate time it needs) I went back to the machine and pressed the button on the right (the one for double amount of water - for a big cup).
Now time seemed to stretch.
I heard the machine start, pumping the hot water up to the pad.
I could smell the first drops of steaming coffee.
I saw the coffee come out of the outlets.
I followed the stream of coffee downwards.
I saw it pass all the way to the grid.
Where is the cup? 
Had I forgotten to place it underneath? I couldn't remember. 
My co-worker was still on the phone.
A truck passed outside casting a big shadow.
It's still cloudy outside. 
The coffee is still running - but not making a mess on the table.
Why? Where did it go?
AH!! There is a flat bowl under the grid. 
The coffee flows into it.
I better place the cup into the stream of coffee before the bowl overflows.
Where is that cup?
Better turn off the machine. 
Press the middle button once. 
The coffee stops streaming.
How do I get the coffee out of that bowl under the grid?
Oh, the grid can be removed.
Big smile.
Lift the grid.
Take the cup from the small shelf next to the sink (that's where it has been the whole time).
Place it on the table next to the machine.
Carefully take the nearly full bowl and pour the coffee from it into the cup.
Wash out the bowl.
Replace the bowl to the machine. 
Wash the grid and replace that as well.
Restart the machine.
The co-worker is finished with the phone.
I go to her to ask if she would like to have a cup of coffee too?
No, thank you.
I go back to see with wonder that the cup is nearly overflowing now and the water tank much emptier than it usually is.
I turn off the machine and do the routine to finish the coffee brewing (i.e. removing the used pad).

I take my overfull cup carefully as not to spill any and sip off the first few mouthful before I walk with it to my workplace again.

Overall, watching the coffee stream from the machine over stopping it and then finally having my coffee did not take any longer than usual.
But to me it seemed to have been longer than that. As if it was a moment of timelessness.
And it was, as if I could see myself standing there, watching in wonder how the coffee flows out of the machine and into the grid. 
Like a child that sees this for the very first time. Not aware of the fact that this was not the way it was supposed to be.

And then all fell back into the "reality"and I could take the action needed in this situation. I was back "in time".

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