Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Salvia pratensis (Common Sage) - Wiesensalbei

With a keen eye I can spot lots of healthy herb plants growing wild where I live.
But to actually pick them and use them I have to be quick.
They get cut down so fast for the "neat" look of the grass, or for silage food in preparation for the winter.

This one is:

Salvia pratensis (Meadow Sage; in German: Wiesensalbei )

This plant is about 75cm high!!
Same plant - closer look at the leaves

I took this photo of a wild growing one at the train station. It can be used for flavoring food like with the
Salvia officinalis (Garden Sage - the leaves have a grey touch to them; in German: Echter Salbei).
This also gets used for infections in the throat area - but should be used sparingly. Over-dosage is toxic.

Not to be mixed up with this plant:

Sorry, don't know the name of this one -- maybe someone can tell me??!!

Same color and size -- but different flowers (first red than turning to purple) and leaves growing all along the flower stem. The leaves of the Sage plant are on the ground.

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