Monday, August 20, 2012

New Projects in Painting - Update

Another week has gone by. One week with daily adding to my paintings.

And I did take photos for each stage - or what I assumed to be a new stage finished.
(Start  and the first stages )

As promised - here now the update on my "success" or "failure", depending on how tight I see my own work.

Or as it's said: You are your own worst critic.  =))

The spider has some colored spots, the bird some more grey and black.

Two days later - a few tiny additions on both.

More details done on the bird.

Some details on the spider too - still not really liking how it is turning out so far.

Done some black linings on the squirrel - and the feet on the bird.

More shadow on the bird, and done some work on the tail as well. I think it might need an additional foot (although it's not visible in the original photo) and then it's about time to start with the background. A bit scared of "ruining" it.

The spider now has it's hairs. Seems I'm slowly getting there. =))
Or not !!
I haven't done anything with the squirrel painting yet, as I will have to mix all those brown hues and keep them fresh and fluid. Acrylics do dry fast.

OK, then on with the work - still some way to go until I call those paintings finished.

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