Monday, September 3, 2012

New Projects in Painting - Update #2

The last update was on the 20th August, nearly two weeks ago.
New Projects in Painting - Update

But I have not been idle.
So - here is how it went form the last update:

All 3 paintings at their various stages as I had stopped the last update.
Spider has now it's net, the bird a hint of shadow below it. I did some minor detail work on the spider too.
The Spider - hanging for the photo on my yellow kitchen wall. It got removed later on as it's too "scary"!!
Meanwhile the bird has got a background and some shadow. I chose this reddish brown as contrast to the blue and yellow main colors of the bird.
The Blue Tit - again hanging on my yellow kitchen wall for the photo. As of today it is still there!! =))
The Squirrel.
Now that the first 2 of 3 are finished, I started working on the squirrel. And I have "learned" that it might be advisable to do the rough background first. the fine hairs can be painted more easily OVER the background than the background AROUND the fine hairs later on.

So, now I have some new paintings to show off when the art club I'm in finally does have an exhibition for once around the middle of November.


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