Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mr. Rabbit's Big Adventure - in Germany(13)

Hello, Mr. Rabbit here again.

I had a good long sleep and now am ready to show you the second set of photos Micha and I took on that long snow walk through the woods.

Remember I stopped at the bridge that didn't reach quite over the water, unsure if to cross it fully or not?

Well, I did. =)
And then we walked on the path of trampled snow along the creek.

Posing at the sign of the spring.

Looking back at he bridge; it looks as if it's sitting in the nowhere between the creek banks.

Another home for me? This wood is full of them.

And then we had to go down steep stairs , all covered with trampled and icy snow. Micha even fell on her behind. Luckily, I wasn't hurt in the bag (and she didn't hurt herself too).

The sound of water was becoming louder and louder until we reached the "Sinterstufen". Some Calcareous sinter over flat stones formed by time. Like a flat waterfall.

One more resting place under an old pear tree.

Looking back at the creek. So full of water now. In Summer, Micha told me, This place had been dry except for a few puddles. And that had been the driest Summer for ages, she had been told by regular hikers at that path. No wonder, the creek down in the village was running so low as well last Summer and is all "back to normal" now.
This part had been dry in Summer.
View from the bench back to where we had come from.

After two and half hours we reached home again.
On the whole hike we met a few people and a few dogs too. But they did not really interest me. I kept hiding in my bag until they were gone.
Only at he spring itself I couldn't avoid them when I investigated it. They sure looked puzzled at us walking around and taking  photos. And they were so loud!

Oh, what an adventure. Looking back, no wonder I fell asleep sorting the photos. So glad, I could take a resting day today.

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