Monday, February 18, 2013

Mr. Rabbit's Big Adventure - in Germany (3)


Hello again.
Today Micha Fire had to work away from home.
She had been told that I'm able to stay alone.
Well, sure I am able to do that -
and go investigating the place I'm in on my own.

And I found something very interesting.
A bar!!! Well filled too; and decorated.

I had to go and explore it.
Look at these glass shoes and Glühwein and champagne AND a soccer a ball.
Some tiny tin cups with lid - I must check more.
These liqueurs are for the tin cups. 
Old red wine!!!
I hear someone coming better hide in here.
Oh oh - Micha caught me and flashed me before I was completely hid.
But she wasn't upset I had ventured into the bar; I didn't have the time to drink any of it.
Only thing she mentioned was that she'd batter take me along to work tomorrow, so I don't do any more mischief and can see what she does all day.
Another adventure?! 

Good night for today.

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