Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mr. Rabbit's Big Adventure - in Germany (2)

Good morning, Mr. Rabbit here again.

After a good nights sleep, I was invited to a long breakfast. So much fresh fruits to eat. I'm full now.

In the afternoon, after some rest from all that eating, Micha Fire took me to the woods I had seen yesterday.
Sure, there was still no sunshine. But it was not raining either and the fog had lifted.

WOW - look at that rock. Can we go up there?

Sure thing I had to explore a bit further in, too. But not too far. You never know what's hiding in there.

Awww, poor Micha has a bad back again, so she prefers walking uphill through the thorn bushes instead of slip sliding downhill in the wet snow. I would go underneath those twigs easily.

Look at this big open space; what a sight after all those bushes.

And on we go.

I think I found my hiding place. No? Already another being in there? A fox you say, Micha? You can see the footprints going right into it.

Oh, better jump back into the bag you carry me in and keep me dry and warm. And, yes, I would like to be a bit higher up. Thank you!

As it is with everything nice, they have to end sometime. But not before a short rest on the bench and a look at the village I'm staying in from above. Too bad, it's cloudy or we would enjoy a beautiful sunset from here.

Tired from my walk, I will rest a while now. Getting ready for another day full of adventures. 


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