Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mr. Rabbit's Big Adventure - in Germany (11)

Hello, Mr. Rabbit here again.

No snow photos today. It's all wet and dripping outside.
A little rabbit like me could get easily get covered up by a slip-sliding roof avalanche.
So, I got to visit Micha in the grocery store once more.
Lat time I was there I didn't not get to see all of the store and her work.
If you want to see the first visit:

Now have a look at what I found today:

A machine that counts the money in the cash-box before and after the work session. 
No endless re-counting when the sums don't match up.

Oh, purple rabbits! In two sizes and with lovely chocolate smell.

And lots of Easter eggs. Nougat, marzipan, liquor filled. All that your belly desires. 

My best hiding place. Orange golden rabbits in my size =)). 
Just that they are not called rabbit but "Osterhase". 
And I've been told they vanish after Easter for about 10 months. 
Maybe not such a good hiding place after all.

Time to say goodbye to the store. Hitching a ride on the conveyor. 
The woman at the cashier was quite surprised to see me. 
"No photos, please, even if he is so cute." 
Ah, well you can't please everyone.

Already looking forward to tomorrow; a day without work for Micha.
Lots of snow play time?

Please?? Pretty, please?

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