Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mr. Rabbit's Big Adventure - in Germany (12)

Hello , Mr. Rabbit here again.

I have been a good rabbit.
So, I did get my walk in the snow.
A long walk.
A very long walk.

And I'm very glad that I have my ear warmers and jacket to keep me warm,
and the green bag to carry me when the walking was getting too though for my little rabbit feet.

Micha and I hiked to the "Lillinger Brunnen", a tourist spot close to her home.

The first part of the path I already knew from my very first snow outing. by now we had deeper snow though.

Here the paths separated. I had to climb up a but to read the sign.

We followed the path that got narrower and narrower with trees partly fallen over it.

I could hear the water from the creek that springs off the "Brunnen" and also had the chance of a short glimpse.

But we still had to walk a while in the wood and snow. The path was well trampled.

I wanted to take a rest. Is this a good resting place for rabbits like?

Finally we reached the end of the creek, the Spring right under the rocks. And the water flowing happily spreading all over the place.

There was a bridge to cross the water to reach the other side. The creek though didn't really care about that.

Should I dare cross it? The tourists that had arrived shortly before us didn't; they walked back the way they had come.

I will tell you tomorrow if I did and what happened on the way home.
I'm so tired now. Good night!

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