Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mr. Rabbit's Big Adventure - in Germany (1)

Hello I'm Mr. Rabbit. I'm traveling the world to have big adventures. Now I'm visiting Germany.


[             ]
[   (\_/)    ]
[  (=’.'=)   ]
[  (“)_(“)   ]

I am stuck in this parcel and being send away again to another place for more adventures. But it's a tight fit in here. And cold. And dark. 

I want to get out. 


It's noisy too. With lots of drops and turning around head over heel. I have to peak out. But as soon as I could push my way trough the paper and plaster I was pushed back in. Something inside the parcel with me dropped out though.
Now I have a bit more room. And the sound is not as loud as before. I try to sleep when the package is not shaking so much. And then, suddenly a new sound: a doorbell rings.

And then quiet. Nothing happens. For some time; but not too long. The parcel gets picked up again. And opened.


I have arrived. I'm in the home of Micha Fire. She explains to me that me trying to get out earlier all by myself caused the "Deutsche Post" to pack my parcel into a plastic bag. Oh, sorry about the dropped item. At least I have arrived safely.

Laid down at eh front door.
Notice from the Deutsche Post

Then she shows me the sight from her dinning and art room. Good I was wrapped in plastic by the mail service. It's a foggy wet day outside. Beautiful view though. Can we go up to that wood when the weather gets better?

What do we do then with half of the day left?

I watch her do some sewing on her latest creation: A small handbag, in combination of crocheting, knitting and sewing.

Interesting combination of crafts.

I wonder if I would fit into this bag?

Later she leaves me alone at the window, so I can go on looking outside until it grows dark. She has to go to work in the grocery store. I'll enjoy this view and hope for the fog to go away by tomorrow.




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