Monday, February 25, 2013

Mr. Rabbit's Big Adventure - in Germany (10)

Hello, Mr. Rabbit here again.

Amazingly, I'm already here for 10 days and I still have not seen all of the lovely places.
Time flies past so fast with all the activities.
Today, it was a full snow day. Yes, we nearly got snowed in.

View from the computer room just before leaving for work.
The amount of snow fallen was higher than me. 0.0
Even the main traffic road was still snow covered.
So it was rather quiet at Micha's work and I had a bit of time to cuddle with the rabbits there.
A play rabbit for the children visiting the store with their parents.
This little rabbit was made by the daughter of the shop owner and lives on top of the radio;
watching over all of them there working on the sewing machines.
On the way home the roads were all clean again. It was getting  ab it warmer too, all the snow melting. In the next days the temperatures will rise even more. 

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