Friday, February 22, 2013

Mr. Rabbit's Big Adventure - in Germany (7)

Hello, Mr. Rabbit here again.

After the wool and button investigation, Micha and I took a day to travel with the train and take photos.
Well, actually it was three days of train travelling to and from work for about ten minutes each ride.
With the fast changing weather from heavy snow fall to just clouds and then clouds with sunshine the landscape always looked different.
We could have taken many more photos; this here is just a small selection of the best shots.
The home train station of the "Gräfenbergbahn".
Waiting for the train to arrive.

Taking a window seat.

Fields to the right.
Fields and the next village to the left.

At the next  village train station; we are not getting off yet.

More fields and some cables. They follow all along the tracks.
And the sun shining through the morning clouds.

Close to the next station a lonely house
(with people living there).
The next station - they all look alike so much.

An old station house, not in use anymore, at the get-off station for sewing work for Micha.
More fields on the way back home.

Some farm houses and yard with a small bridge going over the creek that is next to the train tracks for part of the way.

More fields and the village again, close to the home station now.

"NO walking beyond this sign."
Seems someone did not abide to it. 
Well then , bye bye train. It was fun to ride with you.

 I hope you enjoyed the train ride.
Now, time for rest to be ready for the next adventures.