Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mr. Rabbit's Big Adventure - in Germany (8)

Hello, Mr. Rabbit here again.

A bit late today.
Saturday is a weekend day.
A day people usually have a bit of free time and don't have to get up so early as during the week for getting to work on time.
And it  is for most also the best day to buy groceries for the coming week (and the weekend should they have run out of food and party things).

So, I visited Micha at the grocery store, where she works a few hours on changing days (and she was there today too from 14.00 until 20.00).
They sure have a lot of stuff there. I sneaked into the shelves to have a closer look at things displayed.
First thing I discovered were all the carrots. YUMMY!!
And fresh flowers, in pots for indoors. It's still too cold and snowy outside for flowers.
They even have prefixed fresh salad in the cool storage. Including but not yet mixed in the salad sauce. 
Some special offers; a good allover selection of all the pre-fabricated and packed foods.
And lots of alcohol drinks; here the champagne and bubbly drinks.
And this is only a small selection of the foods you can find here. Again I will need to come back here on another day to explore more.

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