Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mr. Rabbit's Big Adventure in Germany (5)

Hello, Mr Rabbit again.

After all that work yesterday I had some time out.
I wanted to walk around the area to see some more nature. But I had to wait until Micha Fire's morning shift in the grocery store was over. The window is secured not to break out but not to break IN.

By the time Micha started out with me, it was snowing very fast and thick.

But I did get to see the creek. Micha says the water level is at normal height right now. Which makes her happy, I think.

On the narrow bridge.
Hoping down the steps to the water.

Back home I watched her clear the part in front of the garage from the freshly fallen snow. And I had to climb the tree a bit too. ;-)

But the best thing was the pre-sunset today. So glorious orange and fiery.

Looking forward to tomorrows adventures. You never know what a day brings to you. =))

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