Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Rose

Update on "How do you paint" :

Short summary:
I saw this photo of a rose in my stream on  G+:

by Jasbir S.Randhawa
I was so amazed by this rose as a photo that I commented so on the original post: "This could be a very good painting as well!!" (or something similar to this - I don't quite remember the exact words as that was already in the middle of February.)
So I set out to actually make a painting of it. He was so surprised he offered to send me the original photo which I gladly accepted. The original was just as marvelous as the slightly altered one.

the original photo

So I started. And over the time I worked on it, it changed bit by bit. Stroke by stroke, color by color, adding a bit here, overlayering a bit there, working on getting it 3D like into depth and not just colored flat areas. I actually transferred my "knowledge" from colored pencil drawings into this painting with the "shading". There were days I was fully satisfied with the progress and other when I felt I would have to re-do the whole painting. As far as I can remember this is the first painting that I took so much time working on it until I can call it "finished".

Up to here already two months had passed. By now I was ready for the "background" - but afraid I might spoil the whole painting with it. I still was not fully satisfied with the centre of the rose: I wanted to have more detail in there. But I just couldn't work out how to do it.
Eventually, I decided it to be as finished as I could do it right now. So, I added the background. Green, blue or black like the first photo? I decided on sky-blue as contrast to all the red, orange, yellow and green already in the painting. 

This actually took another week to finish. Looking at the rose, lying on the table, I saw spots that still could be "perfected". Finally, I said to myself: "This is it! Stop now, or I ill "ruin" it." 
Well, not really ruin it; but there comes a point when working on a painting that either you are satisfied with what you have achieved - or you better start from a fresh clean canvas.  
It as it is - a progress of learning on how to do it better the next time.

So, yes, it was fun to do, I learned a lot (although I wouldn't be able to "teach" others what exactly) and most of all:

Working on this painting has sort of re-kindled my joy in painting. I already have a few more "awesome" photos I want to turn into paintings like this one. 

For my own pleasure - and anyone else!!

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