Saturday, May 5, 2012

Supermoon May 2012

OK -- so we are having another "Supermoon" tonight this year

That's when the moon is closest to the Earth and appears larger in size than on other full moon days/nights.

Already the days before I took some photos - so I can compare if the moon really appears larger than on other days.

Here they are - the first ones still in daylight on 4th May.

The moon rises over the hilltop - 5th May around 20:15. Compared to yesterday we had so many clouds.

And finally I could see the moon for some moments fully (the circle around the moon is NOT a "halo" but a lens-reflection). It sure is a lot brighter than on other full moon nights with clouds (and even without clouds). And there is that light orange or red glow on the clouds too.

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