Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

A day that should not only celebrated on one day of the year but every time you can think of.

Without a mother none of us would be here now. 

This morning - rather unintentionally - I had seen this:

Very interesting and informing and reminding of the wonders of life and that without the self-less giving of a mother from the first moment on we would not exist. 

Still, sometimes we forget this. 
And then have get reminded to think about it on such a day like this. 
As I was in 1978, a teenager then. And to thank my mother although I could not be with her on that day as I was in a boarding school and had no chance to go home just for that one weekend, I wrote her a poem:

Times Have Changed

I don’t know her anymore.
I can’t get across to her.
The way she acts,
And talks, and
The things she wears
Are so different from my time.

She doesn’t understand.
And I don’t understand her.
I say: “Please, wear a dress
When we go and visit grandma.”
She says: “Why should I?
I like jeans better.”

I like her, and no
Doubt she likes me,
But times have changed.
The youth is different now
Than it was thirty years ago.

(For mother’s day in 1978.)
Written from the view point of the mother about her daughter!!

By now I have grown children of my own. And we do not understand each other every day. But I know that  I love them and that they, in their own way, love me too.
On mother's day it is not only a day to thank our mothers to have born us, but also to thank our children that we have to have been born to us - to teach and learn from each other.

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