Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Iris

Once upon a time there was an Iris growing in the garden. (And had been called a Lily all the time)
It had been planted by an elderly lady. Just one tuber she had been given as she loved flowers so much.
It was said she had a green thumb. The Iris flourished and grew.
But he lady had to abandon the Iris. The house in which she lived and to which the garden belonged was sold to a different owner. One, that wanted to move into the house himself.
She took some of her favorite plants along. Even dug up the Iris and took it with her.
But she must have forgotten a part of the tuber in the ground.
Form this, the Iris grew again - spreading now even better than before as all the other concurring plants and flowers that had been growing so close to it had been removed. Only grass now growing in its vicinity.
For a few years it could grow as it pleased.

The Iris is showing it's leaves in Spring 2008, left-hand side  just below the wall of plant pots.
But then it happened. It was in the way of the new owner. After so many years (13 actually)!! Flowering only a short time in the year and otherwise only big leaves covering all the grass at that spot. It had to go! And it went - into a bucket:

Early Spring 2012 - an Iris tuber heap!!
Feeling sorry for this beautiful plant another woman, that loves flowers just as much and has seemingly a green thumb too, took the tubers - some still connected with each other - and placed them around the garden where they surely would not be in the way of the grass (and mower).

And waited what would happen. At first, it looked as if they would suffer and die. But after some time the leaves grew. =)
And then even buds and flowers showed.
Now it's not just one Iris patch but quite a few, in full sun as well as in shade. And all are having flowers!!

just budding

and now flowers a few days later!!

Just 4 years passed!!
I can't find the photo, were the original plant is in full flower, I took one or two years ago  - will add as soon as I find it. It might be still on my old computer ^^;; 
Now I'll watch to see how they make it through the next winter and if they will grow even more and stronger than before!! 

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