Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lady's Mantle

It's a herb with tiny green / yellow flowers that gets used as tea from the parts above the ground to relieve monthly cramps and after menopause in women.
For more information on this go to:  Frauenmantel (Lady's mantle - The English wiki page is mainly list of of them with no photos).

I have one growing wild in my garden; didn't plant it but letting it grow in my grass. And it seems to be spreading as time passes.
Here two examples I found in the internet:
Alchemilla mollis
Alchemilla monticola
Both are close but are not quite the plant I have.

The specialty of mine is the "lotus" effect of the leaves. So nice photos. ;)

Here a photo of the full plant growing next to the palm tree:

Suddenly there were flowers over the leaves!
Same plant three days later! 
And a close up of the flowers:

Single flowers look more green with a tiny bit of yellow leaves.
As group they look yellow!
A new plant - but the grass needs cutting and it will get cut too :(
Some more smaller plants - those at the pedestal can stay!!

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