Thursday, February 23, 2012

How do you paint?

Art in Progress

original photo by Jasbir S. Randhawa    
A good question.
And pictures show it best, I think ;) .

I had seen a photo in my stream in G+ and thought:
"Wow!! That would look great as a painting too."

I have not done such a painting yet. So I asked the creator of the photo if I could make a painting out of it.
And he agreed and send me the original photo (many thanks to him again) so I could "study" the details better.

And there are a lot of details in that photo. Makes it actually harder for me. See, I do not want to make a simple copy of this rose. I'm not that good as a painter or do "paintography". There are some that can do it. I've seen and been awed by those paintings, an example is Ray Bilcliff. The photo / painting that amazed me on first look is this: Lotus Kiss

I want mine to simply look good. And to try out my techniques I have accquired with colored pencil drawings. It will take a while until it is done and I'm please with the results. Meanwhile I'm just enjoying the painting and the progress!!

When I'm done I'll update on the result. :D


  1. AWWsome, Micha! It is truly beautiful, and you have great talent, which you should give full vent to! Thank you very much for sharing! :-)))

    1. Thank you, Jasbir. :-))

      I intend to do more creative things again.
      Writing and painting/drawing.
      And also photography ;-)