Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

One year has past.
Easter has come again.
The Easter decoration in my village looks like last year too.
Happy Easter was the post last year.
Only change is that Easter is earlier - and that it is much, much colder this year too.

In some places they say this Easter is more like the Christmas we wanted to have in December.
In respect to all the cold and snow.
And for some even in the amount of presents they get.
Not so much in chocolate eggs and bunnies; not so healthy.
Now many place non-food things in the Easter baskets.

Well, I'm not. ;-)
But I will give you presents too.

Photo presents.

Sunrise at 7:25 on Saturday from my kitchen window.

Frozen Motion; an impression of the cold times this Spring.
A hot fire to warm you up again.
My maxi chocolate egg -

and the surprise it contained: an artist sheep.

=)) Perfect present to me. Thank you Easter Bunny.
Now all I need is just some free time and good light (and warmth) and I'll be back to creating some more paintings.
In the meantime, I'm working on these little candle holders.


too all; if you celebrate it or not, or some other festive on this weekend.
Have a good time, enjoy yourself, enjoy life.


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