Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mr. Rabbit's Big Adventure - in Germany(16)

Hello, Mr. Rabbbit here.

Today, I bring you some comrades I met while visiting. They are to be found all over the place.
And I think there are even more, but I didn't find them.

The guardians at the entrance; enjoying the warming sun rays.
This early in the day it was still a bit cold for me though.
 I went back inside to visit the Lion, and the reclining Lady. She was not liking my visit that much.

Can you see the snake and the lizard hiding in the palm tree pot?
This gecko had me cornered!
So the two huskies came to protect me.

My best friends were these two bears though.
Guarding Micha at night.
 My visit will soon be over. Will I miss them? Who knows what other new adventures I will have. =)

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