Friday, March 15, 2013

Mr Rabbit and Reulek - the lost adventure

While Mr. Rabbit was here for his visit,
he had an adventure of the different kind.

He was hunted down by a Reulek.
Mr. Rabbit was inspecting a rock with small cave like openings.
He did not notice a Reulek following him.
Sneaking up from behind a tree, ready for ambush.
"Help, help. Don't shoot. Let's be friends!"
And so they became friends for a while.

 Mr. Rabbit
and the Reulek take a train ride together.
"Look, humans at the train station."
"Kill, kill!" shouts the Reulek.
And jumps out to ambush them.
When finally reaching the village Mr Rabbit was visiting, he had to realize his friendship with the Reulek was only short.

The village was being invaded by a multitude of Reuleks.
 And this is the place they all had come from:

Guess, the snow and cold was too much for them to stay in hiding there all winter.

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  1. this is so wonderful, thank you :) I love it! I can also see you running around with both Mr. Rabbit and the Reulek :)