Monday, March 4, 2013

Mr. Rabbit's Big Adventure - in Germany(17)

Hello, Mr. Rabbit here.

My visit is coming to an end.
Soon I will move on.
To may greatest surprise I had some visitors myself on Sunday.
Well, OK, they came to visit Micha and her family to belatedly celebrate a birthday.
For me, it was a "good-bye" day cake.

The baker is +Miriam Höltschl and she wrote how she made that special  Rainbow cake .

Coming closer to inspect the cake. It smells a bit yummy.
Cake is being cut and distributed. See the rainbow?
And those flowers in the pot next to me brings in Spring feelings; together with a lovely sunshine now.
I wonder what the garden would look like in  Spring?
Right now it's all white with snow.
And there are such fancy things in the garden!
And the cat walks through it too. I found the tracks, the cat stays away from me though. =)

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