Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dream Influences Reality - you can choose

I had a dream.
A short dream.
A strange dream.
I woke with one image strong in my mind.
And a short message that felt like a last plea from someone else.
Of things unfinished.
Just one more thing to be done.
And he could have gone in peace.

Yes, it was a man from what I felt and heard.
A photographer.
He had made beautiful photos all his life.
Now, he had the idea for a new kind of photo.
An artistic photo.
Simple, yet also with a message.
He had it all set up.
He only had waited for the right moment to make the shot.

But that moment never came for him.
His life ended before he could take this one photo.
Now, he was restless.
Asking for help.
Anyone that would be willing to help.
That would be able to hear him.

He sent out his idea of the photo as the last thing on his mind.
Not his name.
Nothing of all that he had achieved in his life.
Only the image and that, please, someone make it for him.
That was what I could remember from that dream.
And the image he had wanted to do.

That dream was in April 2010.
The next morning I went into my garden and set up the photo as I could remember it.
And took the photo too.
There was something missing though.
In my dream, I had seen something scurry across the image.
A thin black thing like a spider.
I had waited a few hours for a spider to come.
To no avail.
Before I, too, would not get to make the photo, I just took it without the spider.
Maybe, I could add it later with some software.
I never got around to doing that though.
I did not have the right software.
And to me it felt that a spider would be somehow a bit out of place on my photo.

It wasn't until a year later approximately that I had the idea of adding a poem to the cropped version of this photo.
Yes, the message was still not "out there".
Taking the photo alone was no help at all.
So I wrote the poem.
I even made a German version to it.
I had it placed in the calendar of the art club in my village together with the photo.
Still not many took notice of it.
Then I joined G+ and also got a blog.
I posted it there.
But, I still did not have many followers.
So again only a few had seen it.

Today I had the urge to add a story as to why I took this photo.
This one I had been requested to help in doing in my dream.
And now, I think, I know that the spider was not to be IN the photo at all.
That it most probably was only "he" that had fled from the image.
The image was the important thing for me to remember.
Not him, or anything else about him.
Just that one image.

And the "message" he had wanted to express with it.
I had to use my own words to express this message.
It is not his message alone anymore.
But also a part of my message.
That there is more to the eye than can be seen. 
A whole world hidden.
It is up to each one of us to discover this world.
And all the others.

Here the link to the post I had made now 9 months ago:

and the photo:

For my art exhibition I had used this photo again; printed on canvas.
And placed a nest with a white clay bird on top of it.

So, as you can see, this photo has gone through some changes.
Like life goes through changes.
But one thing is certain: you will never find the right moment.
If you feel you have to take a photo, make a painting, be creative, 
then don't wait for the right moment to comer along.

Just do it as soon as you can. 
Right now if necessary.
That too is part of the shared message from his plea.
That had been in my dream.
And now is part of my reality.
The dream has influenced my reality.

Do your dreams influence your reality too?
Don't be scared about it.
It's a gift, a wondrous present for you.
Embrace it.
Use it.
Or ignore it, if that's your wish.
You can choose.
I chose to use it.
Whenever I can.

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