Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Exhibition 11.11.2012

After all the preparations I was ready to go; all packed on Friday night. Grabbing and adding a few more items that I might be able to sell as well as some of my older drawings on paper. In case anyone should ask about other art I have done so far. It's good to be prepared for everything; though seriously I did not think that any "experts" of art would come to our tiny exhibition.
I even found the time Friday night for making a self-baked cake to donate for selling.

On Saturday morning, starting at 10.00, it was all transported it to the exhibition place: an old gym now used for all kind of sports of various groups and larger events, like theater plays from our local theater group, in the village. This time it was our turn to use it.
All my things just before setting them up.
One corner of the gym as seen from the entrance.

Additionally, a dead tree was decorated with knitted bands, leaves, flowers and butterflies to attract visitors. Two members of our art club had the idea for this and got the permission too for it; until the tree would be exchanged for a new one next Spring.

The tree decorated with the knitted works in front of the  gym.
Below a few shots showing all busy getting their booths ready; as well setting up the eating area and the children's drawing corner. 
decorating the walls too
eating arrangement and tent in back for the children's drawing place

half way done
the central display walls

My first set-up:

I did not like this! All of my framed photos so low and sort of out of view. I wished, they could get a place on the display walls too. Well, since I wasn't alone doing this show, democratic overrule had it that mine are too small for the big display walls and the others get all that space.
So, to "help me", they put two sitting banks over one another and, after covering it with some cloth that I got from home right then, I could place my photos there. They could be seen; but not as close as could have been possible to see all the details. People just don't ask to have framed photo handed to them to have a closer look. :(
(I wouldn't dare to ask for that too. )
By now it was 13.00 o'clock and we had a little lunch there: soup, cheese bread and meat bread.
As the others were already signing prices to the things they wanted to sale, I had to re-set up my booth.
All done!
By the time I took this photo, it too was time for me to go to work at the grocery store for me. I did invite a few more people personally that I met there. And coming home late in the night I did bake another cake, as one seemed not to be enough.

Sunday, 9.30 we met again to prepare the food and drink for selling, display the cakes (too many to fit on the tables) and I took the time until it officially started at 11.00 to price a few things I had for selling: books, bags, photos, knitted scarfs.
Right after church, the first visitors trickled in. It was cold, foggy and raining outside. In the hall I didn't notice any of it, having the heating right behind my booth.
It wasn't until 14.00 that we had more visitors, for coffee and cake time too. This "storm" lasted about two hours only. It then started to grow dusk and it was still raining, so not many more came after that.
Some drawings were left behind when they children went home.
Having a closer look and talking about the art creations.
Here you can get the yummy food before you go inside.
By 17.00 we finished officially. Packed all our things back into the transport boxes and cars and had a meal together from the leftover bread and sausages and cheese dips we had offered.
Some expressed their disappointment of not having sold as much as they had hoped for. There were just not enough visitors of the "right" kind.

To this, I must say that it was planned as exhibition; not as sale. And for that I, on my part, had enough feedback from the visitors. Lots of OH and AH and WOW so colorful!!!
One woman, asked me why I write in English. I told her that I had been to Australia for a few years as teenager and that to me it was like my mother tongue. She smiled and said that, yes, it is noticeable that I'm different than the typical German (artist); my paintings are so much happier than what you usually see in Germany and that I should keep that. 
Oh yes, exactly that kind of feedback is what I wanted and needed. =))

I will certainly keep my happy style in art, even if I experiment with different techniques. And no one wants any of it in their homes. It's for me I create art and not for a market. Though, if asked, I CAN do commissioned work too. And have already done it.

Funny thing was too, that I finally sold my hand-knitted bags after three or so years - to children. My best customers. They still appreciate bright happy colors!!

Now, that the event is over, my things back home, I don'T feel like unpacking them yet. More feel like creating new art first. Happy, colorful paintings and photos and stories too.
Back home, still unpacked - ready to go to the next show??
Yes, why not!! It was not only a lot of work but
a lot of FUN!!

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