Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Before the Exhibition on 11.11.12

Well, to do an exhibition is hard work. And so much fun.

The art club at my village decided to do a show this year - after a longer pause.
I do not make my art just for those shows; but I have done a few new and different things compared to the last show.
So, to start off, we had a meeting in which we decided what kind of show we would have. As we are all doing different arts we did not decide on  a theme for it. Everyone can show what he or she wants to. Additionally, we can sell our works too. In the last show we did this was officially not allowed until the show was over and we had left the building. :(
And to finance this and our club a little bit we will also offer food and drink. At low cost. And cake or two as fee from each of us that participates to sell as well. 
And everyone of us will do a bit of the work for the general decoration; and of course ea ch for his or her own display, depending on what will get shown.

In the last 18 months or so since the last big show I hadn't been idle. So I have works to show too:
A different style in painting, a new book, and lots of photos. 
The art (paintings) was the easiest and first I chose. All my new acrylic paintings will go, and some other older drawings too to show the different styles I do. 

Then came the book; in paperback. A collection of all my poems and the short stories I have written by now (some of them are in this blog). Included is a completely new story; too short for a paperback book of it's own. Additionally, as there was enough space on some poetry pages, I included some of my art and photos.

This gave me the next step. To present those photos as single works. 
Some photos I knew instantly that I wanted to show; others were added bit by bit. Thanks go to all on G+ that "helped" me through their likes and loves and pluses to select some of the photos. 

Going through my shots from the last year (yes, it's only been a year I have been into photography to this extent) I realized how many they actually are. Too many to show them all; some are of "bad" quality too. Yes, you get spoiled about what is a good photo and what is not through seeing so many online from all sorts of people.
It's the downside of digital photography: you get so many shots in nearly instant time to enlarge on your monitor at no cost. Not like it was years back, as teenager, when I had my first little pocket camera and took photos. Back then you had to decide if you wanted to "waste" this shot from the 24 or 36 you have on the film. And then came the time you waited until they were developed and you held a print of it in your hands. The disappointment of a failed shot, of one that you didn't take as memory of the event faded. And the joy of one having turned out so well you treasure it for the rest of your life. =))

Finally I ended up with 75 images I could get printed. Now, three days later I have them in my hands. And think that I could have exchanged some of them for others, "better" ones. Oh, well, maybe for the next show. ;-)

Five of these photos I had enlarged to small poster size. They arrived today, and I framed them behind glass without frame (seamless so to say). I chose some more art-like images; not the ordinary landscape or flower shot you see as posters so often. And again, now that I have them, I feel that one or two could have been different images with more "power".
I guess, I will get some better feedback than my own opinion at the show. ;-)

And then of course, I do also have some extras to sell: cloth bags I had seen from scrap material. Simple ones, for shopping; some knitted scarves and socks; postcards left over from the last show etc.

Now all I need to do is think on how to display the art works best, how to place the other tings on the table we are getting each, have some sheets of paper ready to note down wishes for "posters" that I have not done and of course spare change. All of this until Saturday when the setting up of the show is.  (And go to my daily work as well, of course; I can't live from my art yet).

So finally, I will show you those five images for the posters - as a small teaser fro my part of the exhibition  knowing very well that most probably none of my readers will ever show up on Sunday 11th November 2012.

As 30 x 40 cm poster
As 30 x 40 cm poster
As 30 x 45 cm poster
As 20 x 30 cm poster in 24 x 30 cm frame; laid out at the sides with light green paper
As 21 x 30 cm poster, also laid out with paper, light blue - looks like sky now.
Additionally I should add that the watermark got cut off partially on all of them on the prints. It IS too close to the edge. So, should anyone order a re-print of these I will move the watermark to better fit inside the photo or maybe even make a new watermark with just name and year. Some things I still have to figure out as to what suits my wants and needs.

Now that nearly all is ready I can start or continue with my other projects: writing another novel, getting a difficult painting done, sort my photos and upload them to the various pages I use and simply enjoy myself. And of course keep everyone updated on how the event was.


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