Sunday, July 22, 2012

Photo manipulation

Lots of digital photos get "upgraded" by doing some Photoshop work to them.
For brightness, color and sharpness of image to name a few reasons.
Some even combine different shots of the same image to make it interesting and "brilliant". 
Others add some other images into a photo. 
Some even do a complete "paintographie" to the photo (making the photo or parts of it look as if they had been painted and not photographed).

I already had shown one of such a "photo combined with other images" to one of my photos here.

Another one of my photos that has been "manipulated" (photo taken 21. July 2012 at sunset and in the G+ album "sunsets from home" :
and here the manipulation (well done too - thank you):
courtesy and credits go to "Siguie" of
But actually - I got reminded through this of a photo I had wanted to "re-do" some longer time ago.
I had this post about a dream with a blue-pink bird (The Blue Bird) and shortly after that seen a photo of a Bulbul that looked so similar to my blue bird except for the colors.
Bulbul by Jasbir S. Randhawa
I had mentioned to him that I would change the colors of that bird to those in the dream - and up to now I haven't gotten around to doing it.
Today I did a quick attempt on it (with taking some more time it could have been done better, more detailed. It was a nice experiment and learning experience that will get repeated ):

And now once more the original drawing:

Except for the length of the beak and the upright tail - similar. What do you think?!

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