Monday, July 16, 2012

Palmitos Park, Gran Canaria - Part 3, flora and insects

Additional to the animals and the shows with them the nature was fascinating. The dead end part of this canyon was being watered regularly and thus green compared to the higher up cliffs. All grass was brown up there - only a few cacti to be seen. But in the park area it was so colorful. Lots of palm trees and cacti and flowering trees and bushes. Some of them I knew as pot plants for the balcony in summer here in  Germany. There they grew to be bushes and trees.
Here some of them (there were too many varieties on "display" to take a photo of each one of them. And I will not add a name to each as well as either I don't know it or the plant is easily recognizable as what it is):
This is how the surrounding cliffs looked like (and most of the country side on the  island that was not watered).
View from the highest point toward the entry to the canyon (and the ocean).

A geranium the size of a small bush -- more than a summer old. 

All stadiums of  the plant there at the same time: flower, dried flower, green seeds and ripe seeds.
Oleander - not as pot plant but as big tree.
Red Bougainville in full midday sunshine.
Orange Bougainville 

Passion fruit flower -- this one grew inside.

And then there was the orchid house:
A small water fall right behind the ferns to keep the air humid ; maybe an idea for at home too?!

Small holes in the wall for the succulent plants.
Next was the "Butterfly House". Those small flying things are so hard to take photos of - they won't even sit still for long on the flowers.

And the aquarium:

No, not a fish - a spider - in the arch way into the aquarium.
Well, I have more photos - about the Palmitos Park and the vacation too. Too many for here right now. Visit me at G+ and have a look at my albums there: "Palmitos Park" and "Vacation in Gran Canaria". 

I hope you like the visit to the park with me. =^.^=

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