Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Herbs

Now it's summer and the herbs I had shown you in my blog are long since gone.

One that flowers very nicely right now is the "Wegwarte", a form of "Chicory" - but wild and thus not used as salad or vegetable. But it is rumored to have some magical powers too. Either for finding the right husband if an unmarried young girl puts it under her pillow over night, he will show up in her dream then. and if unearth in a special ritual makes the one carrying it invulnerable and invincible.

The "Ysop" (Hyssop) is having a second season - I still count it to the more summer than spring herbs, it likes high temperatures and dry soil. Right now this is the favorite flower for the bees. I even saw a more white than yellow variation on this bush but so fast flitting about I didn't manage to get a close up shot of those bees. ( If you look close you can see the bees in the photo.)

Not wearing flowers yet - they will be whitish and rather small. In front of this bush like herb you can see some Hawkbit. (Also called "Löwenzahn" in German - or "Milchkraut" [ yes, I had to look this one up ^^;;] The look like the Common Dandelion but grow with smaller flowers, thinner leaves and having the flowers on hard long stilts and are a different class altogether. 

This one - also not yet in full flower - but it will be in strong yellow once it does - looks a lot like that Fernleaf Yarrow. This can be seen in gardens around her in summer as solitary bushes of moderate height (between 80 cm and 1.5m).
But I think it is something completely different. It does grow on dry soil like the other two (all of them close to the train station and take months to reach this size - about 80cm high - and carry their flowers and later the seeds). If someone knows this plant, please, let me know. Maybe I come across the name "accidentally" while searching for plants and herbs. Of course I will update it then.

Now this pink-purple one I don't know at all. It grows opposite of the others between high grass and bushes and a run-off for water after heavy rain. I couldn't get any closer and I haven't seen it anywhere else so far - as most high grass gets cut before the flowers show. 

There are some more "just summer" herbs. I will add them if I can get a photo before they get cut for cow silage.

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