Friday, July 6, 2012

Low Water in the Creek - update IV

Haven't seen much of the creek for a few weeks.
And now it's banks are well overgrown in most places.
We did have rain and on July 5th it was a very heavy one.
Going to work just as the rain stopped I happen to have to cross the bridge over that creek.

And - WOW - was it full!!!

So, of course, I took some photos to show you how much water can be in that little creek after such an heavy rain:

Fast running, and dirty!!
Nearly touching the top roof of the bridge (still 50cm before it would flow OVER it)!

The barrier has already been puller up to let the water flow freely!!
From the train further down the creek after a few other smaller creeks have joined.

For comparison when the level was normal to low:

Not the exact same spot as it now is fully overgrown and I couldn't take the photo there from the train.
And here the photos from today when most of the excess water was gone: 

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