Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From Spring to Summer - TREES

So, finally it's Summer here too. A few hot days above 25°C are called summer. 
But you can see it also in how the trees change from fresh green to a darker green - and some already have fruits and seeds on them ready to harvest.
The Walnut tree at the train station and the cherry "orchard" are very green indeed now:
The Wallnut tree alone

Also the Linden tree has added some leaves - and seeds nearly ready to fall off to be blown by the wind to new places to sprout:

And the Bloodplum tree in front of my house has grown a bit too (and already some lower branches removed once more). The difference between the Spring and Summer photo is not that great here; this tree has it's spring flowers when most are still bare and are in "winter mode":


One bush I have been watching this year; growing just opposite of the train station at my workplace:
Spring - leaves barely coming out, later than some other
Summer - the grass already dry, finally in full leaves

And a tree in that village where I work:
Spring - with some flowers left
Summer - with the seeds nearly ready to fall down
and yes, it was close to a thunderstorm that day

And this is taken from the starting train - an apple tree growing in a wheat field:
Summer - the wheat already harvested


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