Friday, July 6, 2012

2012, July 5th - a thunderstorm (again)

I was at home for a lunch break, working on my entry about my vacation to Gran Canaria, when the sky grew dark again and I saw a lightning flash - followed by distant thunder. Looking out the window I saw the heavy rain in the distance coming closer by the minute.
And as the thunder came faster after the lightning flashes I turned off my computer and took my camera to make a few photos - and eventually even some short videos of this nature spectacular event. Yes, I like thunderstorms (especially from a safe place).

View from the dinning room over the valley and village when the first heavy rain started
Same view - 15 minutes later - even heavier rain
From the living room window it looked like this:
The very heavy rain
Quickly lessened - water drops on the window (not the camera)
 but still raining heavy!!
Then it cleared up (just in time for me to go back to work):

And at the train station close to my work it looked like this, still some rain drops falling:

And here the videos - one from the dinning room (including lightning) and one from the living room. You can hear the rain (and some thunder too) through the closed window!!
From the dining room window - with lightning!
Form the living room window - rain and thunder!!

(I hope the videos work - or I'll have to do the upload again "tomorrow" (midnight here right now).

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  1. Thank you for re-posting to G+ for my birthday. You're grand, the rain is grand and yes, the cables are grand. !w00t