Saturday, March 10, 2012

A photo - now decorated!

For inspiration on what to do with "boring" nature photos!

In the middle of January this year I took a photo while on a walk through the still not truly wintry landscape.
I showed it on G+ with a lot of others taken the same day ( now in the album "seasonal" ).

A few had a look; some outside of G+ too.
Now, there is a forum I visit daily that I had posted the link to my album and photo as well, as I wanted to "advertise" this new place I was using to share my photos. There, someone had the idea of taking this photo to "decorate" it. We already used to decorate Christmas tree photos there in the past years. 
I thought it to be a great idea to try this. It would be lots of fun to see how it would develop. So I gave permission to use my photo and adapt it to the needed requirements.
The script and coding for decorating (even with .gif animations) was already set up. This kind of coding is awesome - a great "Thank you!" to the man that did it. After starting to learn coding I know how tricky it can be if you have to start from scratch. So, using the given script, only new ornaments were needed to match this scenery - and found and re-sized quickly (in a team effort). 

Now the fun started. Ornaments were placed and then removed again as they didn't fit in properly. New ideas for things to add popped up and were added. And removed again. So over time, which was nearly a month, this photo scenery changed often. I did not save all versions. Actually - only one. And that without all the animated parts and the text scripts added to some ornaments. Those, if read in the order they had been added, formed a little dialogue. One, that someone not acquainted with the forum and its users would find very odd. Hilarious for the insiders.

Here my saved version:

Decorating went on from that for some time.
Now the "webmaster" of that forum was "brilliant" enough to save the finished decoration scene in a page of it's own when he put up a new photo for decoration. There you can see all the text and animated .gif's too!!

And when spring has finally arrived here and all plants are sprouting well I will go to that same spot once more and take a photo of what this scenery looks like in "real" life at spring time.

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  1. Nice job Micha! :thumbs:

    Oh and I really don't understand my code, I just try stuff until something works ... I call it Darwinian Programming :-p

    Oh and props to Zanna who did 99% of all the decorating :thumbs: