Thursday, June 14, 2012

See and Feel

See and Feel

When you are blind what are colours to you?
What is yellow, red, black, white or blue?
What are trees, flowers, sunshine or life?
What are people, beauty, happiness or a wife?

There are no colors to blind people.
No sunshine, no rain, no snow.
No rivers, trees, flowers, high or low.
No beauty, no happiness, no life.

But there is help for those blind.
Help for them to see again.
Help to see happiness, sunshine.
Help for a better way to live.

Then there are colors for us blind.
There is yellow, red, black, white and blue.
There is sunshine, rain, snow and life.
There is happiness, kind people, joy and beauty.

You can see trees, flowers and fields.
You can see creeks making rivers forming the sea.
You can see hills, mountains and plains.
You can see houses, light and nature.

If you can see, life is to you like music.
Like music never ending, soft and happy.
Like it’s pulling you up and out of the darkness;
Out of the darkness to see life, happiness and beauty.

This is how you feel when you can see again.
Full of happiness, never ending happiness.
Life is worth living for you again.
Being able to see and happiness make life.

"Dance" - a watercolor for school lesson themed "Abstract People", 1982

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