Saturday, October 27, 2012

From Summer to Autumn . TREES

A year can get rather long if you wait for the seasons to change to take the proper photo of single trees.

Although Autumn - with colored and falling leaves - seemed to start a bit earlier this year (in August; which was only due to the dryness all Spring and Summer long), 
the trees I have been photographing and thus watching took their time to show off the yellows and reds and half bare branches. 

Finally they did; not all at the same time though. 
It took about three weeks until I was satisfied with the change. Enough change to show the difference of Summer and Autumn on those trees.

So let's start with the Walnut and Cherry trees at the train station again:

in Summer
in Summer

The cherry trees were the first
to start changing color.
And shortly later they still have the leaves,
but the Walnut tree is nearly barren.
The Walnut tree alone.

And again a bit alter.

Next set of images is the Linden tree:
in Summer
in Autumn - still not lost many leaves

The Bloodplum at my house:
in July
in October - not much change ,
but lots of leaves already down

The small tree at the other train station:
in Summer
in Autumn, scrub in front is brown

The big Chestnut tree:
in Summer with chestnuts on
in Autumn with only half of the leaves

and the group of trees close to the wood where I go jogging in Summer.
in Summer, the wheat already ripe
in Autumn, starting to color

Autumn last year - circle completed.
Finally should come the Apple tree in the wheat field; but that one is still green AND the next season of wheat is starting to grow. It looks too much like Spring.

That will have to get it's own update once the leaves change color or have fallen off with still no snow around it. It's snowing today - rather early this year, but not the earliest ever!

And again I have noticed that there are more trees I have photos of - but forgot a season in between for this kind of report on them as well. Such is life!!

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