Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dragonfly or Damoiselle

I did it again.
I made a new painting.
From a good photo.
And documented the making of it with more photos.
It actually didn't take that much time besides the wait in between colors to dry.
(Size 15 c 15 cm)
So, here the progress:
pencil outline and background color - longest wait after that to dry

body and eyes added

some makings in white on top - and changing direction of canvas 

adding the legs and some more details

outline of wings - with line marker instead of brush and paint

half of the wings filled

Special thanks goes to Jasbir S. Randhawa once more for providing the photo (as seen in the small print out on the first photo here). Without that as basis I wouldn't have gotten the details of the wings.


  1. Awesome work of art, Micha! You make the Granite Ghost look really beautiful! :-)))

    1. =))
      Thank you very much, Jasbir.
      Especially for providing such great photo as basis.