Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Projects in Painting

The last one I have done in Acrylic is "The Rose".
By now, I feel it's time to get some more projects from the planning into the actual making of them.
Just need some more motivation to actually get the paints out and simply do it.
So, I printed out the ones I had in mind  for weeks / days. All of them contributions from G+.
And got started - and do my own "chronicle" for the project(s). 

photo by Jasbir S. Randhawa , May 2012
Photo by Peter From , May 2012
Photo by Marilyn Fenn, July 2012
Thank you all for making such good photos that I can attempt to make paintings out of them. Way to go ^^;;

And now what I have got done so far:

And yes, always fresh fruits in abundance and some nuts too. 
This is my dinning room table I'm working on; so if need be, I will have to quickly remove all my painting things. Sometimes I wish for a real art room all for myself: what a luxury that would be to just leave everything as I left it for days and weeks.

Now, I'll see if I do all three of them at the same time - layer for layer, color for color. Or if I end up just getting one done, if at all. Those motives sure are not easy ones in the way I want them to look in the end. 

Wish me patience with myself, stamina, lots of continuous motivation, time and no other complications coming along to finish all three of them. Thank you!!

And be assured - I will show them here. =))

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