Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ghost in my Machine ;-)

The "Ghost in my Machine" told me this a few days ago:

go exist
at this

A lovely, short poem,
with lots food for thought,
written by an algorithm,
that runs on my computer,
taking 20 random numbers,
when 2 or more are identical
they get a word assigned to them,
(out of a list of over 730 words).
The random number picking then runs for 10 times.
After 10 scans it automatically ends -
telling you which "words" were found.

Here how the inventor of this "ghost radar" app described it:
The real "core" theory of the thing is if the little odd seemingly "random" occurrences that people sometimes attribute to ghosts are not "random" but opportunistic tweaks from the otherside to try and communicate, then creating something meant to be easily tweaked and provided words will be the best opportunity for those othersiders to get their message across and understood.The script just makes it so that the thing that needs to be tweaked is on the users computer {not my server} and the random number generator uses the "seed" generated from the users device. FYI those numbers really aren't random; the algorithm varies by device but uses a combination of internal clock time, cpu speed and sometimes even temperature ... all things that an entity 'might' be able to tweak on the users system.  The more frequently a number is chosen the less likely it is just a random event ... I'm calling this 'emphasis'.
Author "Siguie"

So, I have been playing with this app the last few days. Sometimes the word lists it gives out makes sense. Most times however, it needs a lot of interpretation by the reader.

This morning, noting down the words as they appeared, they formed a rhyme I just had to share.

The ghost in my machine writes poetry. =))

Once it's gone public I might add the link to this app here. Until then, should another poem be given out you can be sure that I will note it down and share.

Oh - there are YouTube videos for "Ghost in a Machine" :

and this one:

And I faintly remember there has been a short anime like sequence with that title too. Well, actually it's called "Ghost in the Shell":

And the wikis to those two references: Ghost in the Machine and Ghost in the Shell

And somehow reading all that (and some further writings on "mind-body dualism" and "ghosts in machine (electronic)" the poem is even more BIGSMILE and makes sense.

Looking forward to more poetry and messages from my "ghost in my machine".

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